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About the Program

Dedication, precision, and patience is what it takes to create the perfect cup of filter coffee. Blackstar has spent the past twelve months developing the right roast with some of our favourite origins with the help of our green bean suppliers, Project Origin.

Every two months we explore offerings from around the globe, bringing their flavours to life with our beloved Probat. Jade and Billy, our tag-team roasters put blood, sweat, and tears (not literally) into creating the right profiles for each coffee.  

24 hours after we roast we cup all of our offerings. With every sip and slurp we pay the utmost attention to the aroma, palate, and body to create an unforgettable experience for every customer.

What is filter coffee?
Pure and simple extraction..

Filter brew methods are perhaps the oldest and simplest way of making coffee. All you need is coffee, hot water, filter paper and.. gravity. Filter brewing strips back the process of extraction. Coffee in it’s purest liquid form. With very few distractions from the truest origin flavours.

In store, we showcase our filter on Clever Dripper and Moccamaster to bring out the best of each coffee. Pure and simple extraction with the ultimate result - liquid gold. It’s honest, pure, and absolutely delicious.

Why drink filter coffee?
Unrestricted access to the flavour-story of each microlot coffee

Every Wednesday we deliver a limited supply of the offerings to our flagship locations - Thomas St & Contessa. Needless to say, it sells out quickly! If you get in quick, you can score yourself a bag of beans while enjoying a filter among the flowing coffee hunters of Brisbane. Otherwise, order online now!

We are pleased to announce - Filter Program #6  - Now available at Thomas St, Contessa and through our online store.

The two new coffee's under the spotlight are...
Feature Coffees
August / September / 2017

Rwanda 'Buliza'


Colombia 'Buena Vista' - Geisha

Take The Cold-Pressed Journey
1. Grown
Richard Green: 63, Farmer
Green Cauldron Coffee Planation

How does this drink come to exist? The answer traces back to soil, sun and rain. The coffee in this bottle is the fruit of trees that grow around the world, sourced by our green bean suppliers, Project Origin. Rich volcanic soil, ideal climate and the passion of people like plantation families and staff come together to make coffee from across the globe.

3. Roasted
3. Roasted
1958 Probat Roaster
The machine, the myth, the legend.

Aged coffee beans then arrive at Blackstar’s roastery in East Brisbane. Here, Jade and Billy use our 1958 model Probat roaster to expertly roast the coffee. From a flavour perspective, Blackstar Cold Pressed doesn’t exist without Jade, Billy and their machine. Coffee roasting involves the careful input of energy over time. Sounds simple, but the path to quality is treacherously narrow. One mistake and the coffee can turn to carbon. The end goal is to achieve the desired chemical changes within each coffee bean. This process is what allows brewers to extract the finest flavours.

4. Brewed
4. Brewed
Rhys Jones
Blackstar Cold Pressed

Brewing is our most cherished past time. Years of trial and error have gone into fine tuning our Cold Pressed brewing method. Coffee is ground and immersed in ice cold water overnight, creating liquid coffee with low acidity and a pleasing, sweet depth. Our Head Brewer, Morgan, goes to great lengths to ensure the consistency of our Cold Pressed brew. He tests each batch to ensure it has the unique characteristics of Blackstar Cold Pressed. Organic and natural sweeteners are added to the brew before bottled at our HQ.

5. Milked
5. Milked
Jessy: Guearnsey Cow

We only use the best. Norco Foods was founded in Byron Bay during 1895. Now one of Australia's best dairy producers, Norco's fine award-winning products blend seamlessly with our Cold Press formula. Rich, creamy, and extremely addictive. 

6. Bottled
6. Bottled
At the Blackstar Factory

Creating that unforgettable taste since 2007, generations of bottlers (much respect * you know who you are...) have laboriously filled and capped over 400,000 of our iconic brown bottles. Increasingly we are looking to semi-automate our systems to reduce strain on our busy bottling division. Of course every drink is manufactured in accordance with strict safety and hygiene standards to ensure optimum shelf life and stability.

7. Complete
7. Complete
Blackstar Cold Pressed:
In brown bottles since 2007

Locally roasted. Ground fresh. Brewed with precision. Norco milk. Raw maple. Vanilla. Liquid gold. The end.