Learn about our new filter program
About the Program

Every Wednesday morning (at our roastery in East Brisbane) we light roast and cup two high scoring micro-lot coffees, via the Project Origin network.  

We change 'filter program' coffees bi-monthly.

A limited supply of 200g bags will be available from our webstore and Blackstar outlets (get in early on Wednesdays to secure your bag).

Both coffees will be available from our brew bar at Thomas St and will brewing soon at our CBD store (Contessa) also.

Served using Clever Dripper and Mocha Master.

What is filter coffee?
Pure and simple extraction..

Filter brew methods are perhaps the oldest and simplest way of making coffee. All you need is coffee, hot water, filter paper and.. gravity. 

Filter brewing strips back the process of extraction. Coffee in it’s purest liquid form. With very few distractions from the truest origin flavours.

Why drink filter coffee?
Unrestricted access to the flavour-story of each microlot coffee

Our Filter Program will introduce you to a whole new experience of coffee. Journey with us as we get to know each of these spectacular coffees and the farmers who grow them. 

We are pleased to announce - Filter Program #4  - which will launch Monday 12th June 2017..

The two new coffee's under the spotlight are...
Feature Coffees
June / July / 2017

Honduras 'Don Fabio'


El Salvador 'Supersonic'