Take the Journey
1. Grown
Richard Green: Farmer, Byron Bay.

How does this drink come to exist? The answer traces back to soil, sun and rain. Coffee is derived from the fruit of trees growing in rich volcanic soil, ideal climate and the passion of people like Richard. We are proud to source our 'green coffee through grower communities closely connected to Importers such as Project Origin, Cofinet and 3 Brothers.

2. Roasted
1958 Probat Roaster
The machine, the myth, the legend.

Green coffee beans arrive at Blackstar’s roastery in East Brisbane. Here, our roast team (Ben, Lachie and Ryan) use our 1958 model Probat drum roaster to expertly prepare the coffee. Blackstar doesn’t exist without our roasting team. They are the quiet legends who stay the course, batch after batch, regardless of Brisbane heat. Coffee roasting involves careful inputs of energy, over time. Sounds simple, but the path to quality is treacherously narrow. One mistake and the coffee can turn to carbon. The end goal is to achieve the desired chemical changes within each coffee bean. This process is what allows brewers to extract the finest flavours.

3. Brewed

Brewing is our most cherished past time. Years of trial and error have gone into fine tuning our brewing. Coffee is ground and using various methods of extraction, carefully crafted into a solution (ie liquid coffee) yielding sweetness, pleasing acidity and depth. Our key staff (such as Head of Coffee, Lachlan) go to great lengths to ensure the consistency of our extractions, working with baristas across our network to ensure the highest quality in the cup.

4. The Final Product
The Latte

This needs no description, enter the Latte. The end of line and the reason we're here! Locally roasted, carefully brewed specialty coffee for your drinking pleasure.

5. The Other Final Product
Liquid Crack (AKA Cold Pressed Coffee)

We're super proud of our iconic Cold Pressed Coffee range. In brown bottles since 2008, these ready to drink cold coffees are designed specifically to combat the Brisbane heat. Made via a cold infusion, slow brew in filtered water overnight, then pressed and mixed with high-end sweeteners (maple, vanilla, agave) to create their renowned mega lux flavour.