*Limited Release*  COLOMBIA - THE SILENCE
*Limited Release*  COLOMBIA - THE SILENCE

*Limited Release* COLOMBIA - THE SILENCE

$24.00 AUD

    Roasted For Espresso.

    Region: BUENAVISTA

    Tasting Notes:


    Altitude: 1700masl
    Points: 88

    Producer: SARA GUTIERRAZ



    This coffee comes from the el Silencio  farm in Buenavista Quindío (the heart of Colombia) located in the central mountain range of Colombia between 1500 and 1600 meters above sea level. This batch that we choose to start this processing is our most special batch, as the one that has the highest altitude on our farm and also a variety called Colombia Amarillo, these last two variables give the coffee a unique and differentiated profile.

    This coffee that has arrived from Colombia to Australia was collected on January 7, 2021 by 10 collectors, it was floated 2 times (a process in which the cherry is washed and the less dense beans are removed, allowing a better quality of matter prima), later it was selected leaving a fermentable material with an optimal maturation index for natural coffees, it was consecutively fermented in the absence of oxygen for 84 hours. Once the fermentation time is complete, we dry them in African beds for 18 days until we reach a humidity between 10 and 12% , This type of coffee must be stirred at least every 1 hour to achieve uniform drying, the maximum temperature that can be reached in drying is 40 degrees celcius, in case the temperature increases, we cover the coffees with black canvas to avoid accelerated drying.


    This project is a family dream, my husband and I lead the processing of special coffees, with this we seek to give a twist to the traditional coffee growing because it is on the way to extinction in my country due to high production costs and the decrease in labor in the field.

    My partner in this dream and I met while studying business administration, he comes from a family of Israeli descent dedicated to business, and a vocation in God and I come from three coffee-growing generations; Initially I was thinking of migrating from my country in search of opportunities abroad but life gave me two great opportunities, while I was studying my career it allowed me to work with our family brand of roasted coffee and a few years later when I graduated from university to be able to study subjects of coffee that I did not know as roasting and tasting. In this process I was able to involve Dayan, we were both supremely passionate about Coffee, This is how we decided to focus all our lives and knowledge about this great passion, And that's how this love of coffee united us forever.

    After our courses we began to experience fermentation processes and on this path God found us with Sebastian Farias, a beautiful person who has made what we thought impossible possible, the one who has connected us with the outside world, with other people who have believed in us and our work as Cosmorex. And thanks to this great support for us, we have been able to technify and advance in our quest, which is to make sustainable coffee farming.

    We are currently in search of sensory profiles that the world fell in love with, adapting new technologies in our wet and dry processing, as well as in our agricultural practices. Our quality processes start from our crops where we seek to protect the soils with semi-shady and non-abrasive pruning methodologies (no use of herbicide), in turn we use pollination with bees and we have an apiary on our farm. In the processing of special coffees we have advanced a lot because when we started we only fermented in Grainpro bags, now we already have special cans that allow us to better control our fermentation, day after day we are in search of new fermentation and drying mechanisms that allow us to achieve amazing new ones sensory profiles.